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Hi guys, my names Tamia and this is my first post and beauty tip of the week for I’m a practicing beautician so I come across so many different products daily. I know acne and oily skin is something that most of us at some point suffer from. A product that I frequently use and recommend to clients is Fashion Fair skin care set. It includes a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, foam and night cream. It’s highly recommended as the foam gets rid of any excess makeup and unwanted bacteria on the surface of the skin that the cleanser can’t lift. The toner is also very good for severe acne as the alcohol removes any bacteria lying beneath the skin. This also helps calm down the acne and leaves you with clearer looking skin. The night cream is to be applied on affected areas such as scarring. Only a drop is needed as you don’t want to over stimulate the area with the cream. Over a few weeks you will notice the scars starting to fade. You can find these products in store or online.


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