Have you seen the new graphite green lenses by Transitions? It’s the new colour lens which is now available. I found it particularly interesting to know about the technology that goes into creating lenses that I had to share it with you guys, so a green sunglasses colour had been originally developed in the 1950’s as research showed that the human eyes do not respond equally to all colours in the visual spectrum.

However Transitions Optical and Essilor International jointly developed the new grey-green colour using a unique patented colour science technology to provide an enhanced colour and contrast experience. This brand has collaborated with IC Berlin, and have now introduced a new partnership with eyewear brand Eye Respect. All sunglasses are designed by hand in England and manufactured in Italy. These cool new lenses offer superior light management technology whilst optimising vision.

Transitions is renowned as being a world leader in photochromic technology and through using adaptive lenses they manage light to ensure that vision is constantly enhanced. Amazingly their unique lenses adjust their tint level dependent on the level of light outdoors.

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