Manoeuvre around from show to show can be a lot of fun when it comes to fashion week. So sad I couldn’t be there in the flesh for the New York shows, I traded in my sartorial glame, for shorts and a bikini, sun bathing it up in the carribean. Any how some of my favourites made there fashion week appearance and presented there aw15-16 collections. It’s always exciting to see the creations of what the designers have been cooking up over the past months. The Olsen’s sisters are usually a top favourite of mine from the NY shows and I can say they surely did deliver this time around with out a doubt. There latest work I would say is Designed for the very well dressed confident and elegant women. Everything down to materials, colour palette, of course screams luxury and expensive taste. Who doesn’t like a pair of wide leg trousers and dressing gown coats,  I definitely do.